Before starting on the hike one of my concerns was sleeping in a tent which I had not done since I was 12 give or take a year or two.  I woke up on day 2 feeling well rested and ready to go.  After doing the downward dog 🙂 to get out of our two man tent we enjoyed some breakfast.  Throughout the seven day hike breakfast daily was very similar and consisted of porridge, toast, sausage, egg, jams/jellies, coffee and tea.

Today was my hardest of the seven days spent on the mountain.  We left at 8am and hiked for appx eight hours.  Our days hike started out under clear skies however; within a couple of hours changed to overcast and the last couple of hours we hiked in a constant drizzle.  I reached Shira camp wet, as the poncho I had ripped. I was very cold and on top of that not feeling very well.  Once I reached our tent I got out of my cold, wet clothes put on my thermals and got inside my sleeping bag.  Within the hour I had warmed up however; I wasn’t ready to eat anything nor did I want to as I didn’t think I could keep anything down.

Laying in my sleeping bag with a full 32 ounce bottle of water I realized that on day one I drank 64 ounces of water and day two I only drank 32 ounces. This was a big mistake on my part and a major reason why day two was my hardest day.  I spent the next couple of hours trying to drink as much of the 32 ounces as I could before falling asleep as I needed to make sure I was ready for day three.

Day two Shira Cave Camp: Accomplished!