We woke up early, ate breakfast and headed out.  Both Brian and I are not big eaters.  We did however; bring beef jerky, steak strips, nuts and protein bars incase we needed some energy. You may be saying to yourself “are you kidding, I can not do this hike” the average hiker was between 20-45 years old. I am 50+ and have a total knee replacement(ski accident) and a plate with 6 screws in my ankle(biking accident).  Believe me if I can do it, you can do it.  What an amazing accomplishment when you hit the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. I have never had altitude problem but decided to take altitude pills, one in the morning and one at night.  I ended up sharing a few with others once we reached higher altitudes.  I did not get sick, nor did the 19,341 feet cause me any problems.  Brian took nothing and had no adversities.

Day two had a completely different feel.  It was very challenging route.  We hiked in dark soil with large rocks covered in moss.  It was a bit moody with a cloud of mist hanging over us.  It rained off and on with the last couple of hours of the hike in a constant drizzle.

Today was more of a physical hike, climbing up rock walls using hands and feet(no poles).  We also slid down rocks, crossed over streams and walked under waterfalls. It was tough in a different way.  The scenery was awesome but we were cold and rain soaked after 8 hours of hiking. When we got to Shira camp we were both soaking wet.

The weather hiking Kili can change quickly.  The trick is to layer your clothes.  That way you can add or remove items as needed.  Do not forget sunscreen.

After reaching camp I changed my clothes, ate some dinner and went to bed wondering what tomorrow will bring. As I feel asleep it was quiet except for the many people snoring 🙂 which I am sure is from pure exhaustion. I physical felt OK and mentally was determined to make it to the top.

Day two: DONE