order Clomiphene overnight We left Kibo Palace at 9am with our guide Amos and our support team for an adventure I had done before however; being this was a different trail I was hiking I was nervous. The nerves were coming from the pressure I was putting on myself to make it to the top as I felt this was a make or break deal for BGDA.  Reaching the top, being able to dance and video the Mt Kili Cha Cha on top of Mt Kilimanjaro and being able to show that it can be done will help us to continue to raise funds for the Mulala Village Water Project and the Osiligi Orphanage.

http://www.creativegallerywareham.co.uk/40966-dte55790-dating-women-la-gi.html We made it to the Machame gate appx 11am however; we didn’t start hiking until appx 130pm as the check in process was taking longer than normal.  When we started the hike it was raining but it did not dampen our excitement.  I was so excited that in the first 15 minutes of hiking I was out of breathe and needed a break.  All was OK, I just needed to slow down and as they say go “pole pole” which means “slowly”.  The trail was a fairly easy trail with roots being used as steps.  The biggest hurdle today was getting used to the altitude.

web link After 6 1/2 hours of hiking and underneath a star filled sky, we made it to Machame camp.  It was a long day of hiking and I was tired. As we were walking to our tent I talked to a few people who agreed that it was a challenging day.  At 54 years old and having 25-40 year olds saying the same thing gave me a lift.  After checking in, having some soup and jerky for dinner I crawled into my sleeping bag, on my on my 2 inch mattress and was out.

Day one Machame Camp: Accomplished!