see this page Before we start to share our personal experience hiking Mt Kilimanjaro I thought an introduction and some background information would be nice.  The picture shows Alli and myself sitting with Beatrice and Val standing in front of the Machame Gate sign.  Alli and Beatrice work for Antelope Safaris and Tours who is the local company BGDA uses exclusively in Tanzania and Zanzibar.  Val and I will be sharing our experiences and I’ve also contacted Beatrice to see if she would share her very unique experience.  At the time of the hike Beatrice was 6 1/2 months pregnant which we did not find out until day 4 of the hike.  Beatrice did get the OK from her doctor and Amos and Frank who were our guides knew she was pregnant as well.  I think hearing about her experience would be fascinating.  This was my second time hiking Mt Kilimanjaro and I was told that the Machame route was the hardest route.  With that being said it is also the most successful route when getting to the summit.  This hike was a challenge however; I did have more energy this time when I reached the summit then I did when I hiked it in 2011. The soon to be released video of us doing the Mt Kili Cha Cha will show that. 🙂  My goal in sharing our experience on the hike is to let everybody know that you can do it.  Yes, there are challenges on the hike and there are times when the hiking can be a little monotonous however; when you reach the summit there is no better feeling and what you feel inside is something that will stay with you forever.   Thank you for visiting our web-site/blog and please let us know what you think.